Precision Farming

We all know that due to lack of knowledge and information while doing farming can ruin soil health and productivity. It is the reason precision farming has brought for sustainability and protection of the environment. Precision farming is known as satellite farming and it uses information technology to manage crops and soil. This farming is about doing farming in the right way with the accordance of the right time and right place. For having perfect farming it is very important to manage crop production by choosing the right kind of seeds, water, fertilizer, and many other things. This way you can reduce waste while doing farming and opt for eco-friendly nature. Simultaneously, you can easily repent oil productivity and improve the quality of the crops. It is modern technology farming in which inventors have includes GPS and GIS (geographical information system) for improving the production rate with a healthy environment.

When you choose information and technology-based farming then it becomes easy to analysis and identifies the crop production with profit. This helps farmers to offer predictive analytics for guidance with proper crop rotation, management of soil, and harvesting time. This information is very necessary for having a healthy and moisture crop. Besides, these people can easily match agriculture inputs and practice for improving accuracy in farming. We all know that today’s environment is a pollutant and this effect bad on crops. To protect the crop from such environment precision farming is very important. This will lead to sustainable development and agriculture with ease.

Why choose precision farming?

There are many reasons due to which today farmers are opting precision farming such as:

Increase agriculture productivity. This way you get information about the right type of farming without any hassle.

Prevents soil degradation

Precision farming helps to soil degradation so that it can uphold the soil healthiness and enrichment. This way soil grows healthy crops with freshness.

Reduce the use of the chemical application

When a farmer has crop production they use chemicals at the time of farming this increases the chemical rate in crops. But with precision farming, there is no overuse of chemicals to grow crops which makes fruits and vegetables healthy and fresh.

Reduce the cost of production

This style of farming has brings modern technology to farmers in crop production. This will enhance the quality and quantity of the crops. Besides, this precision farming also reduces the cost the production for making farming under the budget.

Efficient use of water resources

The water resource is very important for growing crops and due to chemical uses its uses get a reduction. This grows crops with chemicals and quality gets downward. While opting for precision farming you have to increase the use of water resources and grow crops with high quality and quantity.

Advantages of having precision farming

  • Precision farming offers an agronomical perspective so that farmers can use agronomical practice by exploring specific requirements of crops.
  • This style of farming enhances agriculture productivity and also prevents soil degradation so that you can get sustainable agriculture development.
  • The farming also provides a technical perspective that allows for the management of time efficiently.
  • While opts for this style of farming you do not need to overuse the chemicals for growing crops.
  • Precision farming also makes crop production eco-friendly. This also helps to increase crop quality and efficiently reduce the cost of production.
  • The farming also equipped with GPS which allow accurate surveyed of agriculture field with ease.
  • Precision farming also offers an economic perspective to use farm inputs and labor under the budget.
  • The farming also minimizes the risk of pollutant environment. This also allows for leaching of nitrate and groundwater.
  • With this, you can easily reduce water wastage and helps to improve crop management without any hassle.
  • Precision farming also helps to grow crops so that you can feed the entire globe with ease.
  • This farming style also provides information to sub-divide the plot of agriculture for fulfilling the unique requirements of each plot.

Disadvantages of precision farming

  • The farming style is not very applicable to small plot agriculture.
  • The capital cost of farming is a little bit expensive which discourages farmers from opting for the method.
  • However, precision farming also has market imperfection and heterogeneity of cropping production system.
  • Before implementing the system, it takes many years to get accurate collection about the data.
  • The farming also lacks in providing expertise and deep knowledge about the technology to farmers.
  • This collection and analysis of data become very complex which creates difficulty in preparing an accurate report.

Technology included in the precision farming

Precision farming has consisted of lots of advanced technology and tools to grow crops.

  • Remote sensing
  • Combine harvester with yield monitors
  • Global positioning system (GPS)
  • Variable-rate applicator
  • Geographic information system
  • Combine harvesters with yield monitors.
  • Different global positioning system.

Challenges while opting the precision farming

According to researcher education and economic is the main challenge while going for precision farming. We all know that all farmers are not properly educated and this makes challenging for them to adopt advanced technology for farming. Even though they do not get expert advice properly can ruin the whole process and wastage of crop production. Simultaneously, they are also not provided with fund and knowledge which impact on production rate. This makes precision farming challenging for farmers as a contrast to the traditional method.

Precision farming has an adaptation of a unique pattern of land then only crops grow healthy. Whereas, some land has a poor infrastructure with social and economic condition. This creates risk in growing crops for framers. In India, all farmer does not contain big land which limits their economic gains and they can’t adopt precision farming with ease.


In a nutshell, precision farming is the advance technology of growing crops and it also benefits farmers in many ways. This farming style grows healthy and chemical-free foods.