IY Logic

IY Logic Mobile App improves farm productivity by Reforming Soil Sensing, analyses, weed, crop and pest variables, as well as this will provide valuable feedback to farmers for making agricultural decisions, the small farmer’s life quality can easily be improvised.

Amazing Features of IY Logic Mobile App

  • Irrigation Management
  • Crop protection
  • Optimize Nitrogen Management
  • Maintain all data on a single cloud platform
  • Revolutionizing Soil Sensing
  • Data-driven Farming
  • It optimizes farm management
  • Integrate soil data with satellite imagery and crop models
  • It is significant labor, energy, fertilizer, and water savings
  • Reduce environmental pollution

 IY Logic Mobile App estimates how much water is being used in the crop and it will tell you the availability of soil water that how much it is remaining according to the 8 different types of soil. You can pin your GPS location, can see the data and historic sensor readings. It calculates the amount of water drained and remains as per sq ft of the soil profile and you can make definite and technology based on irrigation management decision for all 8 types of soil which is installed into the software.

This app also estimates based on the last irrigation available to soil and water growth cycle. It app also controls field-specific data despite of stimulating and estimating different variables. Thus, this app does not rely on any kind of estimations of soil moisture information; thus, it uses data regarding field-measured soil moisture. The primary goal of this app is to enhance technology adoption in agricultural water management.

This App Accumulates data from the following:

  • Remote sensors weather station
  • Creating in-depth analyses
  • Valuable recommendations
  • Handheld sensors

The app targets the small-scale farmer

  • Disease Detection and Diagnosis: forwarding the Photos taken of suspect plants to experts for analysis.
  • Fertilizer Calculator: what nutrients are needed can be determined by Soil sensors and leaf color
  • Soil Study: Capturing soil images, as well as pH and chemical data from sensors, which will allow farmers to monitor and adjust to changing according to the soil conditions.
  • Water Study: Leaf Area Index is determined from photos and brightness thus, logging can help farmers to determine water needs.
  • Crop Harvest Readiness: With UV, and white lights in-camera photos it will accurately predict ripeness.

 Iy Logic Sensor

IY logic sensor is an advanced sensor that is used in precision agriculture, Launching wireless connectivity by collecting, packing and transmitting the data efficiently to the cloud platform even in isolated places, data connectivity and this offers satellites to monitor. Thus, it can be operated easily on ultra-low power and sends data to the cloud platform so that it can be stored. At the depth of 90 cm, the patented sensors can measure the moisture level and characteristics of nutrients. Thereafter, information is transferred to the cloud through a satellite.

This sensor makes sure that plants are being watered in the right amount moreover it enables to find best set up for irrigation system.

 This Sensor is used for:

a) This helps the population to prevent from deadliest diseases and satisfies the hunger with the humanity of the constant growth.

b) Nourishment with high nutraceutical or functional characteristics

c)  Monitoring Growth and development of plant

d) Food is produced through low-cost concept to reduce the damage of the environment and Increase the benefit of poor

Use of sensor in precision agriculture

To maximize the production of low-cost food with high nutraceutical including the suitable sensor based on transduction principle (chemical, radiation, optical) processors.

In precision Agriculture, sensors must have a capacity of detecting elements like Biomolecules and must be able to communicate with all processing units so that it may extract the information of interest which helps to create necessary conditions so that it could maximize the production and functional food characteristics of good food. Therefore, it was possible to extract the information of technology that is used by sensors in precision agriculture so that it may produce the low cost of food with high characteristics generated with the help of environmental care practices. The information is widely spread across the world and it is not analyzed critically to be complete in global vision that how the hindrance of different aspect in precision agriculture