IY Farm

IY Farm rationalizes, handles, and ameliorates the production operations as well as activities of agricultures. It is cloud-based farm management software that supports farms to enhance their profitability as well as productivity. With our Complete Farm Management Solution, farmers can become prudent, strategic and veteran in their daily farm job. This software optimizes activities and consumption in farm; automate the recording & storage of data, keeps watch on farm, track expenses & farm budgets.

Apart from this, with the farm planning, comprehension functionality, accounting programs, budgeting and marketing tools, IY Farm can help farm financial management in precision agriculture.

IY Farm Features

  • IoT & precision farming
  • Alert Log and Management
  • Accompany with the agriculture solutions
  • Track and keep an eye on field workers’ activities and facilitates in-field complicity and liaison
  • Give insights into the daily tasks and operations in a farm
  • Offer tools to enhance production dexterity & profitability in agriculture
  • Provide crop management functionality
  •  weather and Satellite input based advisory
  • Traceability

Our Segments

1.      Farming Companies

2.      Seed Production Companies

3.      Agri Input Companies

4.      Government & Advisories

Simplify the Agriculture Business with IY Farm

Harvesting is a daunting business. IY Farm is here to design and clarify with strong farm management solution that helps you see your agri-business from the mess.

You can use our unique software system with just a few clicks; our aesthetic system observes the farm activity. Apparently, it helps you interpret and optimize your farm data; thereby you can make perfect decisions and improve your agri-business in future.