IY Farm Warehouse

We are not limited to provide the management issue of farming. We also offer the best solution for the packhouse so that farmers can store their crops with full protection. With this, we also make sure that crops can reach the market with high quality and it increases its demands. In this also we provide many features to the farmers for the great experience of compliance. We all know that farmers do very hard work for grabbing the best result at the end. But the work is not completed here the main risk arrives when crops have to store or pack in the perfect place where they get protected from the insects and pests.

Farm to fork traceability

We provide convenient traveling to crops so that they can securely reach the packhouse. It is the reason we provide the track system from the farm to fork. This way, crops reach the warehouse with ease. This also helps to trace the right quality of crop traveling to the right place without any issue. For this, we passed the particular type of code so that it can reach to the right hand.

Quality control

Crop quality is very important then only it can provide the perfect rate of production to the farmers. It is the reason before distrusting the crop in their places we thoroughly check the quality of the crop and ensure the warehouse temperature that it can damage its quality. This way consumer can attain the best quality crops at their home and have a healthy and fit body.

Order processing and tagging

We keep track of the order and tag the crops without any hassle. This helps to reach products at the right place with effective output. We have very simple and clear order processing so that crops can reach the place on time without any delay. This helps farmers to get the right amount of effort and hard work.

Order to fulfillment

We also ensure that people get the right order on time. When we provide the packhouse facility we also take care amount of crops store in it. So we can take orders according to it and could easily fulfill the demands of consumers. With this, we also offer visibility in all work for farmers to ease understanding. We want to fulfill the needs and requirements of farmers and provide them the effective output of production.