IY Farm Sale

Our company also provides the service of Farm sale and for this, we provide the CRM and input management solution with ease. We are transforming the farming business with the use of insight and intelligence techniques. We all know that today’s population is increasing day by day and to meet the demand of the whole population is very necessary. With this, the demand for healthy and sustainable food demand needs to fulfill. This can happen with smart agriculture solutions and practice. For this, we also provide agriculture advisory for farmers to keep them update and offer new techniques of farming. We want to save farmers’ crops from all risks and provide them with the best strategy for growing crops for efficient output. In the farm sale, we also offer other features such as:

Management of sale

We are equipped with a team that perfect keep record of the sale and manage it without any hassle. This also helps to keep track of investment and profit. With the proper management of the sale, we can able to provide the right amount to the real hero farmers who had to do lots of effort and hard work.

Provides a solution for CRM

CRM (customer relationship management) is the most important aspect of providing a high rate of sales. It is the reason we provide a great solution for managing the relationship with customers. If you will not have good relation then no-one will purchase crops and all your effort will get wasted. We offer the relation with customers across the whole globe so that your crops can reach every corner and you can get high payment for the sale.

Increase farmer loyalty

We also make an effort so that farmers can get their right profit for the work they have done. Even we share sale rates with them to keep things transparent. This automatically increases the loyalty of farmers towards us. We offer them with exact sale rate so that next time they can get more output and enjoy their hard work.

Book order and track it

We know that farmers can’t do all things at one time so we are here you help them. We make a booking of the orders and then tell this to farmers so that they can provide crops at that much quantity. With this, we also keep track of the order so that it can reach the right hand without any error. This way, farmers can enjoy farming without any stress.