IY Farm Risk

When farmers yield the land and when they get the lowest output level lower than the projected. It is due to the risks that can be adverse because of weather conditions, excessive rainfall, and many other causes. The risk of farming also occurs due to the excess use of insects pesticides. We have brought some mitigation and solution so that farmers can have accurate decisions while farming. This way, they can enjoy output in the best way. We offer to forecast intelligence for farmers for accurate decision making. We want that farmers can grab the perfect output after having yielded the field with all effective techniques and strategies.

Reduced cost of operations

It is the perfect strategy and also offers effective principles. With this strategy, you can easily increase operation efficiency and also helps to increases productivity. We provide this strategic with the reallocation of resources and also eliminates the accelerating process with the effective utilization of the resources. It also includes many other functions such as:

  • While farming you should use pest management into three categories such as insects, weeds, and diseases.
  • We provide the best seeds with great offers and deals to get the qualify discounts.
  • This also helps to boost fertilizer efficiency without affecting crop growth.
  • We provide the fertilizer applications after having the proper soil test to opt for the perfect result.

Provide crop insurance

Our main motive is to provide beneficial crop production to the farmers. It is the reason we also provide crop insurance in case there is any bad impact on crop productions. We provide the type of protection policy that helps to cover agriculture producers against the unexpected loss of the project and not able to grab the profit with the production of the sale.

Offer financial lending

Sometimes farmers are not able to collect the money for yielding the crops and other expenses held in the harvesting. For this, we provide financial help for them so they can easily harvest the field and get the best result. We provide the whole amount that can be expenses while harvesting the specific production. With this, we provide financial help at the low interest so that farmers can have yielding without any hassle. We provide financial help for different kinds of farming-related activities.