In 2014 Mr. Yooseff Ibrahim came with the idea of transforming the agriculture sector. So that farmers can get higher production and profit. He has expertise in the field and working experience of more than 5 years. He has worked very hard to achieve the goal of digital farming and has innovated technology such as IY Farm and IY Logic Sense.

These are products with advanced techniques and strategies with a successful farm management system. This has been widely used in the whole globe for farm, processing, supply chain, financial data management, analysis, and procurement. The software has also used by many leading companies to meet the high demand and earn lots of profit.

Both IY Farm and IY Logic Sense offer flexible and robust farm management solutions with cutting edge technology. Moreover, it is perfect for the stakeholders in the agri-ecosystem. Besides, this product also helps farmers to predict the real-time weather condition and moisture present in the soil. This way farmer can farm crops with ease with efficient productivity. More importantly, IY Farm also features with the measuring of the plot for agriculture and also offer alert while damaging crop by pests and insects. This way you can easily save time and money by not only focuses on the particular land.

IY Farm also equipped with global certification and compliance to export products in the international market.