About Us

IY Twist is a revolutionary technology which integrates hardware and software for wireless sensor for making smart agriculture. It enables farmers to continuously ameliorate crop fertilizer management as well as increase profits. Moreover, this customized system helps reduce prices, improve data exchange, and enhance efficiency for precision agriculture.

We understand the farming issues so provide future ready solutions to the farmers, which help them to improve productivity, execute appropriate cutting-edge technologies, new irrigation system, water management and many more.

For agriculture business, we provide decision-making tools that bring credibility, and flexibility.

The main target of the agriculture sector is to analyze processes & uses of available resources as well as perfect use of existing cultivable farm. IoT enable to do all these things. This modern technology can not only enhance production, but also improve the agricultural quality level. Our system is intuitive, smart, and self-evolving.

Our Products

1. IY Farm – Complete Farm Management Solution

2. IY Logic – Hardware – Reforming Soil Sensing


We are harmonious in what we plan and implement.

Our Mission

 To give lower costs & good visibility for your farm with IoT solution.

Our Vision

To maximize Farm productivity & profitability with complete farm management solution.