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About Us

IY Twist is a revolutionary technology which integrates hardware and software for wireless sensor for making smart agriculture.

Our Products & Solutions

IoT Agricultural Farming Technology business


Business Hour : Monday - Friday : 10am to 5pm Address : Peter House...

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Digitalization in Farming

Digital farming has brings many players in the market for smart farming. This farming...

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Precision Farming

Precision farming offers an agronomical perspective so that farmers can use agronomical practice by...

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IoT Application In Agriculture

With the help of IoT app, farmers will help them meet the challenges of...

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Amazing Features of IY Logic Mobile App

IY Logic Mobile App improves farm productivity by Reforming Soil Sensing, analyses, weed, crop...

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IY Farm Complete Farm Management Solution

IY Farm rationalizes, handles, and ameliorates the production operations as well as activities of...

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